Unique shopping in small town MN


I have always had a taste for the unique when it comes to buying clothes or decorative items which the credit should go to my mother; she can take the most bland item, match it up with a few other things and BAM! she has a shabby chic/eclectic collection that adds some wow to her home or garden. One could only wish to be such a natural interior/exterior designer.

I have found that living 45 minutes northwest of Minneapolis has its advantages and disadvantages as far as shopping goes. Granted, all of the top name-brand stores are conveniently found in downtown Minneapolis, Mall Of America or any of the many shopping malls surrounding this area, but there you may encounter tons of shoppers, long lines, and the same items at three different stores; and please don’t get me started on parking at these places! There are benefits as well if you have the exact item you want in mind or there is a particular brand you are after – in, out, and DONE! Possibly you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind any of these hurdles and shop just for the pleasure of all these stores have to offer. Sure, there is tons of boutiques with amazing finds down in the cities, but I would have to research these shops then plan a day-trip just to venture down that way. There is a couple of places in the northwest metro that are my usual stops when I do have to head down to the cities:

Buffalo, MN has some fabulous shopping in its quaint downtown, depending on what you are looking for. Because this is considered small-town, most of these fun little shop are “occasional store” and are usually open on the first week of the month Thursday through Sunday. There are others that are open daily as well; researching what the store hours are before trekking out this way so you are not disappointed and the store is closed. Here is just a few I recommend:

Occasional Stores

Daily and/or Weekends

A few that I LOVE to frequent:


The Buffalo area has more shops that I have not included since I have yet to venture in and check them out. I will include them to the collection above when I can first-hand say I’ve been there.

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